Winter Cycling Excursion

60.8 miles in Iowa's frozen tundra

It's been a few months since I've been out on my bike. With school, work, and weather all being obstacles, getting out for a winter ride is harder than the rest of the year. I should have know it was a sign when I overheard a girl saying how the squirrels were going to be confused by the nice weather. Anyway, after finishing a test I realized I had the afternoon free, or I could go to work...

I couldn't pass up the opportunity, so I got ready to roll.

My neighborhood is home to a roving cat. I try to give it treats whenever it's around, though usually he just wants a good rub. As I was pulling my bike out he snuck into my house, but then followed me back out and made sure all the other cats knew I was taken.

It felt great to be out. I brought extra gear just in case I got cold, but didn't end up needing it. After about 20 miles I decided to get a picture in front of Lake Macbride on my way back from Solon.

After two months of riding trainers in a stinky gym, I just wanted to roll. To feel the hills and the turns under my wheels. My body was putting off enough heat to keep me warm, and my training has kept me in good enough shape to keep going, but as the day wound on I started losing daylight and a 4 hour ride is hard to replicate on a trainer and I started to get a little stiff. 60 miles in was enough. I can't wait for conditions to be favorable again so I can get back out.

Mark Vaske