A decade of Photos Organized - Lessons Learned

Over the past few weeks I have been digging through my (very disorganized) hard drives in search of all my photos in order to add them to the new Photos.app for OS X, which in turn uploads them to my iCloud Photo Library. It's been an arduous process to say the least as my photo organization system resembled a junk close with filing cabinets tossed in from an 8 story building at best. I'll talk about my strategy later or in another post if your storage scheme is similar. Regardless, I got through a majority of the photos I have taken or collected over the past decade and I wanted to share some quick thoughts/lessons learned from the experience.

Always shoot in color. You can change to black and white or whatever else you like later.

After you get "the perfect shot", keep shooting.

Revisit old photos, which means you should keep your originals (aside from blurry/garbage photos). You may find you like a photo more down the road, or maybe you just want to take another stab at getting the perfect edit.

Take pictures with your friends doing stuff. Even if they don't want you to.

If you love doing something, it's alright to do it for free.

Take self portraits (selfies if you must). It will teach you how you like to look in photos and prepare you for when it counts. It'll also help you correct for awkward poses when you are shooting portraits. And who doesn't like a nice photo of themselves every now and then.

iCloud Photo Library (so far...) on an iPhone

iCloud Photo Library (so far...) on an iPhone

All in all, I am very impressed with Photos and iCloud Photo Library on OS X and iOS. It has been a lot of fun to relive all of these memories (though the awkward teenage photos are a bit painful). There is a lot more to learn, but I don't think these topics are talked about enough.