5 Favorite Songs of 2015

I listened to a decent bit of new (at least to me) music in 2015. This is a very short list of my favorites. For more you can check out this Apple Music playlist

Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying

Someday I'll write a manifesto about how everything is inextricably linked. For now this song will have to do, easily making it into my top 10 favorite songs of all time.

Still Corners - Don't Fall in Love


Horseback - Hatecloud Dissolves into Nothing

There is nothing quite like driving through the mountains listening to Horseback. Definitely still a bit surreal to me thinking about something that happened almost 6 months ago.

P.M. Buys - Jester and the Queen / The Way Down Wanderers - Truth Son

I saw these two acts together playing a summer show and liked both so they get to go together and I get to cheat.

Marion Hill - One Time

I'm pretty into this lone female voice paired with some heavy bass trend, just like last years Sylvan Esso.