Amelia Meath is Awesome

Soon after I left high school a friend recommended this "folk band" to me called Mountain Man. After listening to the first lyrics of "Buffalo" I was a bit skeptical, but I am not one to not give music a try because it out there. It didn't take long to become transfixed by the intermingling Appalachian voices. Made in the Harbor quickly grew to be a favorite album, one I get stuck listening to on repeat regularly. The best way to experience them I am sure was live in nature as can be seen by all of their YouTube videos out and about. Here is my favorite version of Dog Song, but it is worth further exploration.

Mountain Man, though technically still active, hasn't produced new music since 2010, as the members seem to experiment with lots of projects. Meath and Molly Sarle went on to take part in an experimental band BOBBY. I don't have any BOBBY examples of awesome yet, because I literally learned of them while getting links for this article but there seems to be some interesting music there that I can always add in an update.

Next up, Amelia Meath partnered up with producer Nick Sanborn to form Sylvan Esso which mixes Meath's vocal range with some heavy beats from Sanborn. This formula seems to also be working well for Marian Hill. I won't protest, because it turns out songs like Hey Mami.

And finally, we come to this live performance of Northeast Texas Women with Phil Cook in which Meath compels a crowd to gather and dance with her badassery. Just watch them collect. Follow this lady.